Burks Behaviour Rating Scales, Second Edition (BBRS-2)

Burks Behaviour Rating Scales, Second Edition (BBRS-2)

Harold F. Burks, Ph.D.

Age Range: 4 to 18 years
Administration Time: 15-20 minutes
Administration Type: Parent-completed – Teacher-completed
Qualification Level B

This revised version of the Burks Behaviour Rating Scales (BBRS) helps you diagnose and treat
children with behaviour problems. Administered and scored in minutes, these scales identify the
nature and severity of pathological symptoms in children from preschool through 12th grade (ages 4
through 18).

How to Use the Assessment
This assessment takes between 10 to 15 minutes to complete. The BBRS-2 is available in two forms:
the Parent Form and the Teacher Form. The test questions are the same for both groups, but each group has distinct test norms. Parent and Teacher Profile Sheets used for diagnostic purposes are included on their respective forms. The use of multiple raters in the BBRS-2 helps reduce bias and provides a more comprehensive understanding of the child’s behaviour problems.

The BBRS-2 includes 100 items, each describing a behaviour infrequently observed in non-referred children. A parent or teacher simply indicates, on a 5-point response scale, how often the behaviour is seen in the child being evaluated.
This test includes the option of hand scoring or a convenient unlimited use software CD program. BBRS-2 scores can be used to:
1. Pinpoint personality areas that require further evaluation or treatment.
2. Identify behaviours that may interfere with school functioning.
3. Identify children who may (or may not) benefit from special education.
4. Provide parents with information that is concrete, specific, and easy to

Scales & Forms
• Disruptive Behaviour
• Emotional Problems
• Social Withdrawal
• Ability Deficits
• Physical Deficits
• Weak Self-Confidence
• Attention and Impulse Control Problems

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