Illness Effects Questionnaire–Multi-Perspective (IEQ–MP™)

Illness Effects Questionnaire–Multi-Perspective

Glen D. Greenberg, Ph.D., Rolf A. Peterson, Ph.D.

Age Range: 18 years and older
Administration Time: 10 minutes for each form
Administration Type: Self-report, Observer rating, Professional rating
Qualification Level B

With the IEQ–MP, you can accurately assess the effects that an illness and treatment are having on a patient’s life. The tool’s strength lies in its ability to improve communication among patients, families, and healthcare providers using four separate questionnaires to assess a patient’s medical experience from multiple perspectives.

Scales & Forms
The questionnaire measures the effects of illness and treatment on a patient’s life, and provides a total score.

IEQ–Self-Report (IEQ–S)
The IEQ–Self-Report (IEQ–S) allows the patient to communicate his or her perception of the impact an illness is having on his or her life.

IEQ–Professional (IEQ–Pro)
The IEQ–Professional (IEQ–Pro) allows medical professionals to describe their perception of the effects the illness is having on the patient.

IEQ–Observer (IEQ–O)
The IEQ–Observer (IEQ–O) lets someone close to the patient report the impact of the illness on the patient’s life.

IEQ–Treatment Effects (IEQ–Tx)
The IEQ–Treatment Effects (IEQ–Tx) is a self-report form that measures the patient’s biological, psychological, and social effects resulting from the treatment he or she is receiving.

Integrated Profile (IEQ–CIP)
The Comparative and Integrated Profile (IEQ–CIP) facilitates the monitoring of illness effects over time from all perspectives.


Reference Name Price VAT applicable
T-IE Q03 IEQ–MP Complete Kit (IEQ–MP Technical Manual; 25
forms for each of IEQ–S, IEQ–Pro, IEQ–O, IEQ–Tx,
and IEQ–CIP)
£312.00 Yes
T-IE Q05 IEQ–MP User’s Manual £68.00 No
T-IE Q060 IEQ–S Forms (25/pkg) £58.00 Yes
T-IE Q080 IEQ–Pro Forms (25/pkg) £58.00 Yes
T-IE Q100 IEQ–O Forms (25/pkg) £58.00 Yes
T-IE Q120 IEQ–Tx Forms (25/pkg) £58.00 Yes
T-IE Q140 IEQ–CIP Forms (25/pkg) £50.00 Yes
T-IE Q04 IEQ–MP Preview Set (IEQ–MP Technical Manual; 3
forms for each of IEQ–S, IEQ–Pro, IEQ–O, IEQ–Tx,
and IEQ–CIP)
£95.00 Yes