Level of Service/Risk, Need, Responsivity (LS/RNR)

Level of Service-Risk, Need Responsivity

Don Andrews, Ph.D., James Bonta, Ph.D., Stephen Wormith, Ph.D.

Age Range: 18 years and older
Administration Time: 40 minutes–2 hours
Administration Type Semi-structured Interview, Professional-completed
Qualification Level B

The LS/RNR was developed for public safety organizations who want to use the most current research when conducting their level of service risk assessment but already have a case management process that they are comfortable with. It assesses the rehabilitation needs of offenders, their risk of recidivism, and the most relevant factors related to supervision and programming. The LS/RNR combines selected assessment sections from the LS/CMI™ and makes them available in one easy form. The LS/RNR assessment captures General Risk/Need Factors including Criminal History, Education/Employment, Family/Marital, Leisure/ Recreation, Companions, Alcohol/Drug Problems, Procriminal Attitude/Orientation, and Antisocial Pattern.

It also captures Specific Risk/Need Factors including Personal Problems with Criminogenic Potential and History of Perpetration, including sexual and non-sexual assault and other forms of violence and anti-social behaviour. Special Responsivity Considerations are also included.

How to Use the Assessment
The LS/RNR consists of six sections. In order to administer and score you will require a LS/RNR Interview Guide, a LS/RNR Quikscore Form, and the standard LS/CMI ColorPlot Profile Forms.

Scales & Forms
LS/RNR QuikScore™ Forms
The LS/RNR QuikScore™ form is professional-completed and includes the necessary elements for scoring the instrument. The QuikScore™ forms contain special aids that make scoring of the test very quick and efficient, while minimizing potential for key errors.

• Criminal History
• Education/Employment
• Family/Marital
• Leisure/Recreation
• Alcohol/Drug Problems
• Procriminal Attitude/Orientation
• Antisocial Pattern


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LSR10 LS/RNR Complete Kit – Scoring Guide, 25 QuikScore
Forms, 25 Interview Guides and 25 ColorPlot Forms
£235.00 Yes
LSR200 LS/RNR Scoring Guide £42.00 No
LSR300 LS/RNR QuikScore Forms (25/pkg) £ £68.00 Yes
LSR400 LS/RNR Interview Guides (25/pkgs) £100.00 Yes
LSR500 LS/RNR ColorPlot Profile Forms (25/pkg) £30.00 Yes