Quality of Life Questionnaire (QLQ™)

Quality of Life Questionnaire (QLQ™)

David Evans, Ph.D. , Wendy Cope, M.A.

Age Range: 18 years and older
Administration Time: 30 minutes
Administration Type: Self-report
Qualification Level B

The Quality of Life Questionnaire (QLQ) measures the relationship between a client’s quality of life and other behaviours or afflictions, such as physical health, psychological health, and alcohol or other substance use. Results highlight areas of the client’s life that may require change to alleviate specific symptoms. Its efficient design makes the QLQ an ideal screening tool for employee assistance, wellness, stress, weight control, or any other program in which people desire change.

The QLQ consists of five major domains, 15 content scales, and a social desirability scale. The five major domains are: General Well-Being, Interpersonal Relations, Organizational Activity, Occupational Activity, and Leisure and Recreational Activity.

Scales & Forms
• Material Well-Being
• Physical Well-Being
• Personal Growth
• Marital Relations
• Parent-Child Relations
• Extended Family Relations
• Extramarital Relations
• Altruistic Behaviour
• Political Behaviour
• Job Characteristics
• Occupational Relations
• Job Satisfiers
• Creative-Aesthetic Behaviour
• Sports Activity
• Vacation Behaviour


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