State-Trait Anxiety Inventory for Children (STAIC™)

State-Trait Anxiety Inventory for Children

Charles Spielberger, Ph.D. in collaboration with C.D. Edwards, R. Lushene, J. Montuori, Denna Platzek

Age Range: 6 to 14 years
Administration Time: 20 minutes
Administration Type: Self-report
Qualification Level: B

The STAIC consists of two 20-item scales that measure state and trait anxiety in children between the ages of 8 and 14. The A-State scale examines the shorter-term state anxiety that is commonly specific to situations. It prompts the child to rate 20 statements from hardly ever true to often true. The A-Trait scale measures longer-term trait anxiety, which addresses how the child generally feels. A separate score is produced for the State scale and the Trait scale to determine which type of anxiety is dominant and which type of treatment is the most appropriate.

Scales & Forms
• State Anxiety
• Trait Anxiety


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