State-Trait Anxiety Inventory (STAI™)

State-Trait Anxiety Inventory

Charles D. Spielberger, Ph.D.

Author: Charles D. Spielberger, Ph.D.
Age Range: 15 years and older
Administration Time: 10 minutes
Administration Type: Self-report
Qualification Level B

The STAI is a self-report instrument that differentiates between the temporary condition of state anxiety and the longstanding quality of trait anxiety so that appropriate treatment can be developed. Results also help distinguish between symptoms of depression and symptoms of anxiety. With a fifth grade reading level, the STAI is suitable for individuals who are 15 years old and older.

How to Use the Assessment
The STAI consists of two scales containing 20 items each. One scale addresses state anxiety while the other scale addresses trait anxiety. The total score indicates which type of anxiety is prevalent. With the hand scored format, scoring keys are used to quickly and easily score completed STAI forms.

Scales & Forms
• State Anxiety
• Trait Anxiety


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