Symptom Assessment-45 Questionnaire (SA-45)

Symptom Assessment-45

Strategic Advantages, Inc.

Age Range: 13 and older
Administration: Self-report
Administration Time: 10 minutes
Qualification Level B

The SA–45 is a brief assessment of symptomatology. It uses the proven items and structure of the SCL–90–R® to create a brief, yet thorough, measure of psychiatric symptomatology. It is often used as a screening tool, to help formulate diagnoses, to develop treatment plans, and to measure outcomes. Its brevity makes it ideal for use in managed-care settings.

Scales & Forms
SA-45 Scales – The Symptom Assessment – 45 Questionnaire (SA-45™) consists of nine symptom domain scales designed to assess general psychiatric symptomology. Following is a summary of content of each of the 9 scales

Depression (DEP) – Items related to asking about recent experiences of feeling lonely, hopeless, and worthless. Other symptoms tested are a loss of interest in things and feeling blue

Interpersonal Sensitivity (INT) – The respondents’ feelings about himself or herself are assessed here. These include feeling inferior or self-conscious around others, feeling that others are unsympathetic or unfriendly and feeling uneasy when others are talking with or watching the respondent

Hostility (HOS) – Measuring uncontrollable temper outbursts, getting into frequent arguments, shouting, and urges to harm others or break things.

Obsessive-Compulsive (OC) – Difficulty concentrating or making decisions, repetitive checking or doing tasks slowly to ensure correctness, and problems with one’s mind “going blank” are symptoms presented on this scale

Psychoticism (PSY) – Auditory hallucinations, feelings that others know or are controlling one’s thinking, and ideas that one should be punished for his or her sins

Paranoid Ideation (PAR) – Subtler forms of paranoid thinking are are assessed on this scale, such as feeling that others take advantage of the respondent; that they cannot be trusted and are responsible for his or her troubles; a failure to give credit for his or her achievements, and watching or
talking about him or her.

Somatization (SOM) – The presence of vague physical symtoms are presented here. Including; hot / cold spells and feeling of numbness, soreness, tingling, and heaviness in various parts of the body.

Phobic Anxiety (PHO) – Rating experiences of fear or uneasiness when being in open spaces or crowds, using public transportation, and leaving home alone. Avoidance of specific places, things, and activities is also covered in this scale

Global Severity Index (GSI) – Represents the total of the item response values (1-5) for all items on the SA-45 providing a more meaningful overview of the level of symptomology.

Positive Symptom Index (PST) – Indicates the total number of symptoms reported to be present (i.e., item yielding a response other that “Not at all”)


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