Based in offices just outside Cardiff, the Cognitive Centre was formed in 1993 and over the years has accumulated considerable experience in working in partnership with statutory, voluntary and private organisations. As well as extensive work throughout the UK and Northern Ireland, our work has taken us to Australasia, and Europe.

We provide consultancy, training and support to organisations that wish to develop and improve their ability to work effectively with people. We are an independent organisation and this allows us the freedom to be flexible and responsive to the needs of our customers, and to develop new and creative approaches to the complex and multi faceted problems involved in providing effective ‘human services’ to people.

Our expertise is based on:

  • A staff group with experience at practitioner and management levels
  • A staff group with a proven track record in training and consultancy
  • Partnerships with many of the leading national and international experts in the field of working effectively with people
  • Partnerships with national and international organisations, companies and individuals
  • A commitment to ongoing research and evaluation designed to inform the development of new and innovative approaches.

Academic Partnerships

We pride ourselves in the fact that our work is underpinned by the most recent research evidence available from throughout the world. Our academic partnerships include:

Professor Robert Ross

From the University of Ottawa, the author of the original “Reasoning and Rehabilitation’ Programme. Robert Ross was one of the pioneers of the What Works” movement in criminal justice and remains a major influence in the field. The Ross Programme (R&R2) was introduced into the United Kingdom in 2003 and as a result of collaboration between Professor Ross and the Centre, a version of the programme has been designed specifically for work with girls and young women.

Professor Chris Trotter

From Monash University, Australia whose recent work on Prosocial Modelling has been demonstrated to have wide ranging applications in the fields of work with families and children, child protection and criminal justice. During the last few years Chris has worked with the Centre to produce a prosocial modeling programme ‘Focus on People – Effect Change, and the ‘Family Problem-Solving’ Programme. A programme designed specifically for those working in child protection will shortly become available.

Dr. Barbara Armstrong

Formerly Chief Psychologist at the Rideau Correctional Centre in Ottawa and author of the widely acclaimed ‘Criminal Lifestyles’ suite of offender programmes. Professor Paul Gendreau of New Brunswick University has assessed these as being the best programmes of their type available. Dr. Armstrong has worked with the Centre to modify these programmes for use in community settings in the UK. Since her retirement Barbara has been able to work more closely with us on the development of programmed approaches. Our other consultants are: Dr. James Bonta, Solicitor Generals Office, Canada


Professor Peter Raynor is research consultant for the Centre.

Peter Raynor is Emeritus Research Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice in the College of Law and Criminology in Swansea. A former probation officer, he has carried out a wide range of evaluation research in criminal justice over the past 40 years, including studies of victim support, alternatives to custody, youth justice, pre-sentence reports, automatic conditional release, cognitive-behavioural programmes, voluntary after-care, risk and need assessment, the resettlement of short-term prisoners, community justice, the experiences of minority ethnic people on probation, and offender management models in prisons. His recent research has been on the impact of practitioners’ skills on the effectiveness of supervision, and the Jersey Supervision Skills Study won the 2016 Research Award of the Confederation of European Probation. He is a member of the Correctional Services Accreditation and Advice Panel, a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences and one of the founders of CREDOS, the Collaboration of Researchers for the Effective Development of Offender Supervision.

Dr Vincente Garrido
University of Valencia

Professor Robert Hare
University of Columbia

Professor Clive Hollin
University of Leicester

Dr. John Marshall
Head of Forensic Services for Young People, Glasgow NHS Trust

Dr. Graeme Richardson
Head Person at the Kolvin Clinic, Newcastle -on-Tyne


We have a number of partnerships with other organisations that support us in our work.

Multi Health Systems Inc

A key partnership is with Multi-Health System (MHS) Incorporated, a company engaged in the development, marketing and delivery of high-quality, standardised and integrated assessment and diagnostic products as well as practice and treatment management products and services. Their customers are mental health, counselling, and human resource professionals in clinical, managed care, forensic, education, and corporate organisations. Our partnership with MHS enables us to supply a wide range of tests for use in private and public organisations to support a wide range of assessment processes.

Forum Educatief

We have begun working closely with Forum Educatief, the Centre for Forensic Medicine and Behavioral Sciences in Utrecht, in the Netherlands to promote in the UK the SAPROF (Structured Assessment of PROtective Factors for violence risk). Forum Educatief provides mental health services for people who have become involved with or are likely to become involved with the Justice System, for whom a relationship is apparent between their disrupting behaviours and one or more psychiatric or personality disorders. Their objectives are diverse and range from the prevention of (serious) offences, treatment of mental disorders, development of expertise and research, to education and training in our field.

Psychological Assessment Resources Inc

We are also pleased to work with Psychological Assessment Resources Inc (PAR) to sell a range of their most popular products which are included on our website and in our catalogue.


fabtic works with at risk children and specialises in juvenile firesetting behaviour. fabtic provides CPD accredited training, consultancy, case supervision and direct work services to agencies working with vulnerable children and families. Since its launch in June 2013 fabtic has worked with 40 of the 53 UK fire and rescue services and delivered training to a range of professionals in the UK and the US from the fields of education, police, mental health, social services, youth offending, forensic and secure settings, the NHS and arts therapies.