Coddington Life Events Scales (CLES™)

oddington Life Events Scales

R. Dean Coddington, M.D.

Age Range Age 5 years and under (preschool), 6–12 years (child), 13–19 years (adolescent)
Administration Time 10–15 minutes
Administration Type – Self-Report, Assisted Self-Report
Qualification Level B

The CLES is a self-report measure that helps determine how specific events have affected a child’s personal growth and adjustment. Results identify areas that may require further investigation. There is a pre-school (CLES–P), child (CLES–P), and adolescent (CLES–A) versions, each taking 15 minutes to complete.

How to Use the Assessment
The scales allow clinicians to easily identify actual and potential physical and mental health problems arising from psychological causalities. By measuring significant life events in terms of Life Change Units (LCUs), the CLES can provide insight into recent events that may be affecting the respondent’s
health. The CLES scales also take into account the different kinds of life challenges that are faced by children of different ages. There are three scales and the items included on each refer to events that children of the particular age group may have experienced. Each form produces a Life Change Unit score that is applied to Risk Evaluation cut-off guidelines. Back to the top

Scales & Forms
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CLE200 CLES-P QuikScore Forms (25/pk) £55.00 Yes
CLE300 CLES-C QuikScore Forms (25/pkg) £55.00 Yes
CLE400 CLES-A QuikScore Forms (25/pkg) £55.00 Yes
CLES50 CLES Complete Kit – Manual and 25 QuikScore
Forms for each of CLES-P, CLES-C, and CLES-A
£200.00 Yes
CLE10 CLES Technical Manual £80.00 No