Feelings Attitudes and Behaviours Scale for Children (FAB-C)

Feelings Attitudes and Behaviours Scale for Children

Joseph H. Beitchman, M.D.

Age Range: 6 to 13 years
Administration Time:10 minutes
Administration Type: Self-report
Qualification Level B

Assessment of emotion and behaviour for children.

While parents are rating their children using the CRS-R scales (see page 6), children under 13 should complete the FAB-C questionnaire to obtain a multidimensional assessment of his or her feelings and behaviours. It will also highlight discrepancies between parents, teachers, and the child to ensure that you are basing treatment on the most accurate information.

Suited for clinical and research purposes, the FAB-C is used as a routine screening device in schools, outpatient clinics, residential treatment centers, child protective services, and private practices.

The normative sample consisted of 1,988 children. Separate norms are available for boys and girls in 2-year age intervals. Raw scores are easily converted to T-scores with the QuikScoreTM Form.

Profile Reports present scores graphically and numerically to summarize the results of each administration.

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