Gray Oral Reading Tests-4 (GORT-4™)

Gray Oral Reading Tests

J. Lee Wiederholt, Ph.D., Brian R. Bryant, Ph.D.

Age Range: 6 to 18 years
Administration Time: 30 minutes
Administration Type: Professionally-administered
Qualification Level B

The widely used GORT-3 has been revised and re-normed. The GORT–4 assessment provides an objective measure of oral reading growth and an aid in the diagnosis of oral reading difficulties. The tests can also be used to measure change in oral reading levels over time.
Five scores give you information on a student’s oral reading skills in terms of:
• Rate–the amount of time taken by a student to read a story
• Accuracy–the student’s ability to pronounce each word in the story correctly
• Fluency–the student’s Rate and Accuracy Scores combined
• Comprehension–the appropriateness of the student’s responses to questions about the content of each story read
• Overall Reading Ability–a combination of a student’s Fluency (i.e., Rate and Accuracy) and Comprehension Scores
• Guidelines have been changed for interpreting subscale scores and the Autism Index.

Improvements over the GORT-3 tests include:
• An easier story task on each form
• The ability to use two test forms interchangeably
• Bias studies showing the absence of bias based on gender and ethnicity
• Studies examining the relationship of the Weschsler Intelligence Scale for Children-Third Edition to the GORT-4

How to Use the Assessment
The GORT-4 tests included two forms containing 14 developmentally sequenced reading passages. Five comprehension questions append each passage. Standard scores, percentile ranks, grade equivalents, and age equivalents are provided for each score.

Scales and Forms
• Fluency: Performance Rate and Accuracy
• Oral Reading Comprehension: Number of correct responses to comprehension questions
• Oral Reading Quotient: Fluency and Oral Reading Comprehension


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