Holden Psychological Screening Inventory (HPSI™)

Holden Psychological Screening Inventory

Ronald R. Holden, Ph.D.

Age Range: 14 years and older
Administration Time: 5 to 7 minutes
Administration Type Self-report
Qualification Level B

The HPSI is a self-report screening instrument that examines the same underlying dimensions as longer measures of psychopathology, but does it in approximately five minutes. It quantifies traditional classes of psychopathology, identifies traditional classes of psychopathology, identifies general areas that warrant further examination, and measures change in symptoms over time when administered
during and after treatment.

Scales & Forms
• Psychiatric Symptomatology
• Social Symptomatology
• Depression


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HPS10A HPSI Complete Kit
Manual and 25 QuikScore Forms
£100.00 Yes
HPS20B HPSI Manual £65.00 No
HPS300 HPSI QuikScore Forms (25/pkg) £58.00 Yes