Jesness Behaviour Checklist (JBC)

Jesness Behaviour Checklist

Carl F. Jesness, Ph.D.

Age Range 13 to 18
Administration Time 20 minutes
Administration Type – Self-report
Qualification Level B

Multiple rating measure of anti-social behaviour. The Jesness Behaviour Checklist (JBC) measures 14 bipolar Behavioural tendencies among adolescents against a large delinquent sample. The JBC consists of two parallel forms: an Observer Form for ratings by teachers, probation or correctional officers, counselors, therapists, etc; and a Self-Appraisal Form for selfevaluation. The JBC can be scored and administered quickly and easily using QuikScoreTM Self- Appraisal and Observer Forms.

Interpretive Reports provide a graphical representation of the rating results and list the respondent’s answer to each item.


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P-JBC2P JBC Observer Item Booklets (10/pkg;
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P-JBC3P JBC Observer QuikScore Forms (25/pkg) £60.00 Yes
P-JBC5P JBC Self-Appraisal Item Booklets (10/pkg;
£48.00 Yes
P-JBC6P JBC Self-Appraisal QuikScore Forms
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P-JBC4P JBC Manual £70.00 No