Life Attitudes Schedule (LAS™)

Life Attitudes Schedule

Peter M. Lewinsohn, Ph.D., Jennifer Langhinrichsen-Rohling, Ph.D.
Paul Rohde, Ph.D., Richard Langford, Ph.D.

Age Range: 15 to 20 years
Administration Time Long: 30 minutes, Short: 10 minutes
Administration Type: Self-report
Qualification Level B

The LAS is a self-report instrument for teenagers between the ages of 15 and 20 that is based on the theoretical construct of suicide proneness. It assesses life-enhancing behaviours and life-threatening behaviours to provide a complete evaluation that is useful in any situation where an individual’s attitudes toward his or her own life may be of concern. The long version of the LAS has 96 items covering 11 scales. The short version (LAS:S) includes the same scales as the long version, but does not provide as much detail with only 24 items. The short version is ideal for follow-up testing and can measures the effectiveness of intervention or repeated assessment over time.

Scales & Forms
• Death-related
• Psychological
• Health-related
• Physical
• Injury-related
• Self-related
• Positive
• Thoughts
• Negative
• Actions
• Feelings


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LAS040 LAS Item Booklets (10/pkg; reusable) £35.00 Yes
LAS050 LAS QuikScore Forms (25/pkg) £55.00 Yes
LAS070 LAS:S QuikScore Forms (25/pkg) £55.00 Yes
LAS001 LAS Complete Kit – Manual, 10 LAS Item Booklets, 25 LAS
QuikScore Forms, and 25 LAS:S QuikScore Forms
£185.00 Yes
LAS003 LAS Technical Manual £55.00 No