One-day Domestic Abuse conference in Manchester on Friday 13 May 2016.

The Midland Hotel, Peter Street, Manchester, England, M60 2DS

Domestic Abuse is an area of high importance, but also a controversial field with overarching debates around the role of gender and the effectiveness of interventions for people who use abusive behaviours and violence in their intimate partner relationships. Often the victim is held responsible for their partner’s abusive behaviour resulting in the long term impact on their own health and wellbeing as well as their role as a parent.

For a number of years the dominant paradigm for work with domestic abuse perpetrators has been based on the Duluth “Power and Control” model with the assumption that “men” abuse “women” for reasons of male entitlement and privilege. Although not disputing that this is true for some males who use domestic abuse and violence, there has been a rise in research that suggests that not all domestic abuse perpetrators fit this model. This model struggles to account for domestic abuse by females and for people who use abusive and/or violent behaviours the causal factors are far more complex, therefore new and innovative needs focused approaches are needed to enable change and ultimately break the cycle of domestic abuse.

This conference will prove informative for managers, practitioners, academics and commissioners who are interested in the current research and new approaches in the field of domestic abuse and safeguarding children.