Firesetting and Arson – a one-day conference

The Cognitive Centre and fabtic present a one-day, national firesetting conference entitled

Exploring the Spectrum of Firesetting and Arson: Addressing Gaps in Practice

#firesettingPractitioners across a range of services working with children and adults who set fires have long been frustrated by the absence of evidence-based programmes to support their risk-critical work. However, recent advances in this specialist field are enabling practitioners to transform their direct practice. This one-day conference explores these latest developments in the treatment of firesetting and arson. A range of guest speakers will discuss how their latest intervention tools, research findings and treatment programmes can help empower practitioners to deliver more effective interventions. The conference provides a rare opportunity for all who work with children, adolescents and adults who set fires to come together, network and learn from practitioners who are pioneering in this specialist field.

Practical Assessment and Intervention Strategies for the Management of Childhood
Firesetting – Professor David Kolko

Professor of Psychiatry, Psychology, Paediatrics and Clinical & Translational Science at the University of Pittsburgh, Professor Kolko is recognised as a leading world authority on juvenile firesetting. His nearly 40 years’ experience of working with children and adolescents who set fires form his latest firesetter guidance manual, published by the Oxford University Press, and provides the main discussion point of the conference.

Why I Set Fires and the Reasons I Stopped

At twelve years old, Jenny was referred to her local fire brigade for support in stopping setting fires. Now aged 18, Jenny looks back at why she set fires and what helped her to stop. During this Q&A session, Jenny will show the practical exercises and strategies she completed during her fire safety intervention.

Working with Adult Firesetters: A Fire and Rescue Service Perspective

Supported by the Cognitive Centre, Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service has developed an integrated educational programme currently being piloted in several UK prisons. Station Manager Damian Watts, Investigation and Firesetters Manager will tell us how the programme aims to ensure participants become familiar with the dangers and risks of deliberate firesetting and are able to reflect on their offence and its consequences.

Clinical Treatment Needs of Adult Firesetters – Professor Theresa Gannon

Consultant Forensic Psychologist and Professor of Forensic Psychology and Director of the Centre for Research and Education in Forensic Psychology at the University of Kent, Professor Gannon will present the latest psychological developments relating to the theory, research and intervention needs of adult firesetters. Outlining two treatment programmes devised to reduce risk in adult firesetters, Professor Gannon will also discuss what needs to be done to improve both academic and client practice with adult firesetters.

WHEN: Monday 25 September 2017 from 10.00hrs to 16.30hrs

WHERE: Amba Hotel, Charing Cross, The Strand, London WC2N 5HX

COST:  £345 + VAT.


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