New Open Courses in Edinburgh

We will be running three Open Courses shortly in the Edinburgh area which will be of interest to staff working with young people maybe from difficult backgrounds.


14th and 15th JUNE in EDINBURGH

The Youth Level of Service/Case Management Inventory, Second Edition (YLS/CMI-2™) is a gender-informed, culturally-informed, strengths-focused risk/needs tool that reliably and accurately classifies and predicts re-offending within male and female juvenile populations. Created for both genders, the YLS/CMI-2 includes new features to address needs of a growing adolescent offender population. In addition, the YLS/CMI-2 provides an opportunity for users to evaluate positive offender attributes so that offender strengths may be highlighted and built upon in service delivery. The YLS/CMI was derived from the adult LSI-Rand incorporates the research and development that went into the adult instrument. Research studies have shown it to be a reliable predictor of a range of outcomes and in a study undertaken in a Secure Unit in Scotland the YLS/CMI was found to be a reliable predictor of recidivism for young males and females, and to also predict the risk of future violent conduct by male youths.

The main risk assessment in the YLS/CMI is a forty-two item test divided into eight sections. It also addresses factors that whilst not strongly correlated to risk of offending may impact on risk for individual youthful offenders, and may affect responsivity to treatment. In addition there is a case management system built into the test sheet. The YLS/CMI provides an estimate of risk of reconviction for individual offenders over twelve months, and a profile of criminogenic needs. It is also increasingly being used to provide data about risk and need to help inform decisions about the design and delivery of services to young offenders.

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26th – 28th JUNE in EDINBURGH

These programmes can be delivered together in sequence or can stand alone. The philosophy behind these cognitive behavioural programmes is –

  • to assist participants to understand the direct link between the ways that they think and the way that they behave.
  • to assist the participants to understand and accept that their behaviour is their responsibility.
  • to assist the participants develop awareness of the impact of their behaviour on others.
  • to identify areas where the participants engage in harmful behaviour to self and others and teach relevant skills to manage, eliminate or reduce harm.
  • to practice self-management skills.
  • to develop appropriate relapse prevention strategies.

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This is a very focused twelve-session programme, based on the latest research and designed to lead to further assessment. It is an example of the new generation of interventions currently being introduced by the Cognitive Centre. In 2002 the Centre, in response to requests from Managers and Practitioners operating in Youth and Juvenile Justice settings, commissioned Professor Robert Ross to develop a short intervention programme aimed specifically at the 13-16 years age group who are assessed at low or moderate risk of re-offending or likely to exhibit anti-social behaviour.

The Programme has been designed “as an introductory programme for adolescents who lack essential pro-social skills and values and are engaging in various disruptive and anti-social behaviours at home, in school or in the community. It provides a core curriculum, cognitive and emotional skills and values”. (Ross R. R.) This programme is being used in a range of settings, in community educational and residential settings including main stream schools for use with disruptive pupils. The targets of the programme relate to:

  • Skilled thinking
  • Managing thoughts and emotions
  • Problem identification and thinking of solutions
  • Detecting thinking errors
  • Consequential thinking
  • Values enhancement
  • Managing conflict

£525 + VAT per person (Discounts for 2 or more bookings)





For further details on any of these courses listed above Contact Wendy Cooper

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