Enhanced Skills In Working With Offenders

Over recent years research has established the need to consider the most appropriate skills to use in engagement with offenders (youth/adults). This course seeks to pull together some of those key skills in a course format to enable participants to transfer skills learnt into application in practice. This is a two day course for up to 16 participants and covers the following topics:
•    New language and new research
•    The tiered approach
•    Nature
•    Pattern
•    Seriousness
•    Likelihood
•    Imminence
•    Introducing the behavioural analysis approach
•    Teaching to avoid and teaching to cope
•    Teaching a skill
•    The cognitive model
•    Individual problem solving skills (the SPSI-R)
•    Teaching problem solving as a skill

During this course participants will have the opportunity to self-assess their own problem solving skills and deficits.