Family Problem Solving

The aim of this 2 day workshop is to help develop the skills workers already have in direct practice with young offenders and to apply those skills to work with family groups. The workshop presents a problem solving approach to work with families and also provides opportunities to observe and experience the use of the model through role-plays and exercises.  The workshop aims to provide workers with enough information and theoretical structure to enable skill building in order to carry out a series of structured family counselling sessions.

•    Generally speaking the model can be used in practice in situations where:

•    The problem appears to relate to the family group or interaction between family members.

•    When at least two family members are agreeable

•    When there is no indication of family violence, child abuse or severe imbalance of power.

This model is part of a range of transferable skills and courses can be adapted to any client group. For more information please contact the Centre direct.