Level of Service Inventory-Revised (LSI-R)

The Level of Service Inventory–Revised™ (LSI-R™) is a quantitative survey of offender attributes and their situations relevant to level of supervision and treatment decisions. Designed for ages 16 and older, the LSI–R helps predict parole outcome, success in correctional halfway houses, institutional misconducts, and recidivism. The 54 items are based on legal requirements and include relevant factors needed for making decisions about risk and treatment. The LSI–R Manual explains the use of the LSI–R and summarizes research studies on its reliability and validity.

The training will cover-
•    Theoretical background
•    Risk-need-responsivity
•    Comprehensive explanation of the inventory
•    Two dvd case studies
•    Links to case management
The training schedule is 2 days for up to 16 participants