Not The Only Choice

Offending is Not The Only Choice
Substance Abuse is Not The Only Choice
Violence is Not The Only Choice
Domestic Violence is Not The Only Choice

These are four day training courses and as the introductory modules are similar, can be combined to address particular needs.  Dr Barbara Armstrong developed this suite of programmes that have been effectively implemented in several countries.

They can be delivered together in sequence or can stand-alone. The philosophy behind these cognitive behavioural programmes is:

  • To assist participants to understand the direct link between the ways that they think and the way they behave
  • To assist the participants to understand and accept that their behaviour is their responsibility
  • To assist the participants develop awareness of the impact of their behaviour on others
  • To identify areas where the participants engage in harmful behaviour to self and others and teach relevant skills to manage, eliminate or reduce harm.
  • To practice self-management skills.
  • To develop appropriate relapse prevention strategies

The programmes are developed to tackle difficult learning styles typified as having a visual concrete base and therefore requires a programme which is also interactive, the promotion of over learning and the use of repetition and requires cognizance of short learning spans.

Dependant on the focus each programme tackles some key issues in context-

  • Feelings, thoughts and behaviours about anti-social behaviour:
  • Empathy
  • Self-management
  • Self control
  • Prosocial affiliations

These programmes are available for both young people and adults.