Pro-Social Modelling

The Cognitive Centre has worked closely with Chris Trotter to develop training programmes based on the prosocial modelling approach that formed the basis of the research underpinning his book ‘Working With Involuntary Clients’. This is an ongoing collaboration that initially led to the development of the ‘Focus On People – Effect Change’ and ‘Family Problem-Solving’ training programmes.

The existing training courses have been welcomed by a range of staff in an increasingly wide variety of settings, including secure units, residential child care, children and families teams, youth justice settings, educational settings and criminal justice agencies.  The original model is now being further developed by the Centre to specifically address the issues faced by those working with people in settings such as those outlined above.

The Cognitive Centre Foundation is the only organisation in the UK that is approved by Chris Trotter as a provider of training programmes based on his work and welcomes enquiries from any human service agency or organisation committed to improving its outcomes and keen to invest in methods clearly supported by contemporary research.