The Ross Programme (R&R2) For Girls And Young Women

Target:     Low/Moderate risk
Gender:     Female
Setting:     Group

This new Programme is the direct result of pioneering work between staff at the Cognitive Centre and Professor Ross to develop a gender specific programme building on the original research that led to the development of the Ross Programme.

The development took account of the latest research into effective interventions with girls and young women and went beyond the literature on female offenders to integrate some key psychological and developmental issues associated with female adolescence.  It also took into account appropriate strategies in relation to learning styles and values. Significant attention is therefore placed on:-

•    Emotions and emotional self-management
•    Development of positive sense of self through strengths building
•    Relationships

This 16 session programme teaches cognitive emotional and behavioural skills, attitudes and values and is informed by the latest neuro-criminological research which enhances and develops previous programmes which prioritised the cognitive elements.

This is an unique and ground-breaking programme which includes:-

•    Motivation for development
•    Cognitive Competence
•    Emotional competence
•    Social competence
•    Pro-social self-efficacy
•    Social Perspective taking and Empathy
•    Active Listening
•    Pro-social life-story
•    Belief in the future
•    Relapse Prevention
•    Respect

The programme has been designed for use in a range of settings including community social work and residential settings, secure environments and mainstream school settings.