Spousal Abuse Risk Assessment (SARA)

The Spousal Assault Risk Assessment Guide (SARA) helps criminal justice professionals predict the likelihood of domestic violence. The tool is a quality-control checklist that determines the extent to which a professional has assessed risk factors of crucial predictive importance according to clinical and empirical literature.

With 20 items, the SARA assessment screens for risk factors in individuals suspected of or being treated for spousal or family-related assault. The SARA can help determine the degree to which an individual poses a threat to his spouse, children, family members, or other people involved.

This 2 day training event reviews the development of clinical, actuarial and structured professional judgement approaches. A full and detailed review of the items and an opportunity to undertake an assessment is undertaken.  In addition as many such assessments are undertaken in a multi disciplinary environment an innovative case study for participants to experience such an approach is also included.