Step Out

Gangs Programme

Target:     Moderate – High Risk (gang and potential gang members)
Age:         14-17
Gender:   Male/Female
Setting:   Group/Individual 

In assessing the negative impact that gangs have on society we must take into account not only their immediate impact on crime but also their continuing impact on the life chances of members.


The evidence is critical in that stable gang membership causes problems in all transitional areas for young people. This 16 session programme is based on the following principles:

•    Interventions focused directly on the gang are counter-productive.
•    Many schemes, e.g. detached worker, increase delinquency.
•    Programmes that are based on gang members or members from different gangs do not work.
•    The intervention should be divorced from the immediate context of the gang and based on evidence-based interventions that have been shown to reduce delinquency.

The programme addresses the participant’s attitudes values and beliefs towards pro social and pro criminal behaviours and teaches self management and self control skills.

It is Cognitive-Behavioural in orientation and identifies how thinking and behaviour are related as well as identifying how to change thinking and practice the changes.

It teaches the skills required to maintain change and promotes a relapse prevention plan for participants. It provides a clear structure for intervention